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The Farmer & The Cheese

My Mission

My mission is to share my journey from my small farm dream to healing from cPTSD and Q-fever.


I have been asked to share a lot of resources that I have gathered in my farming, dairy processing & food systems journey. Your membership gives you access to Downloadables, Tutorials, eventually Coffee Hours, & some of my art! It helps me become financially viable while I heal.

Creative Projects

I have been doing mindfullness doodles as part of my physical therapy for cognitive & vestibular trauma. People have asked if they can buy some pieces. To be fair, therapy is out of pocket, so I eventually said ok. I have a website & friends/family who will help mail things.

For Sale

I have a lot of farming & processing equipment & supplies that I have accumulated over the years. Note which are pick up only and which I can ship to you.

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Sunset view of CT River
Red Rocks, Connecticut River, N. Hadley, MA
Farmstead gouda wheel with half wheel on top of it.
Honey Gouda
Lamancha goat kid
We raised Saanen and Lamancha goats.
A bunch of sunflowers