How the Fuck do You Meditate?

No, seriously. Help me out here.

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Today was a hard therapy session. My mind was deeply in that blank space where I have no thoughts, feelings, and I cannot concentrate on any one thing. Listening was hard. I was there, sweating from the heat and humidity in my chair because it was rude to cancel and wallow in my disappointment that I avoided yet another human interaction because I did not know how to human. Not then.

He was kind and present. I pay him for that, but it was done with kindness. He was trying. It was a shift from previous sessions where I took notes on the week before and tried to tackle feelings, stumbling blocks, add to my toolbox of adaptive techniques, and share books or other things to help me understand.

I struggled to find a new book to listen to this week and am disappointed by my choice. I started to do creative activities again, mainly to work on concentration and to find a way to disassociate in a beautiful way. Straight lines are brutal when you have issues with your brain, but I worked through it. I keep repeating “art grows brain cells” to myself as I complete another section.

Today, he started with a meditation to help me ground myself. I go back to my session with “Luna” a previous therapist who also tried to help me learn how to meditate. Her office was in the basement of a church that was turned into community space and offices. Her soothing behind the tofu curtain voice tried to get me to feel my feet (in shoes), up my legs, thighs, breathing, gentle feel of breath out of my nose onto my moist upper lip… as she is talking, I think of soothing things I heard before. She told me to think about something in the past. She meant “happy” or “nice” I think, but I ignored that.

A “long time ago *he*” used gentle tones while my hands are tied back and I had given up fighting. I thought about the light pink paint from the tip of the paint roller that someone missed on the white ceiling rather than my body. I heard his voice reassuring me that I would enjoy this as a kind of background while I focused on levitating that pink paint smudge with my eyes.

Today, I can think about my feet for a moment and then my mind wanders. If I am moving, it is the new feeling every time I step that I can focus on. I also count my steps.  I am moving away, and I feel it. If I stay still and think about my feet, inner thighs, put my hand on my chest,… I lose that touch. When Luna was trying to sort out my thoughts and trying to reassure me that she was present and it was normal not to talk about things, I looked up and said, “no, let’s talk about it.” I proceeded to tell someone for the first time in a long time about that in one shot. Our session was up, I paid and left.

I realized that even though Luna was a therapist, she was human. What happened to me in that one memory was trauma and it is now a part of who I am. To retell that so directly and literally was also trauma, for both of us. I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Isn’t that why they call it ‘talk therapy?’ It is not that I didn’t think about her when I spoke. I took her literally and translated that to her being open to listen to that.

Today, do I talk about how I keep trying to meditate and cannot? Do I share this? Can I without an hour, a day, a week to process what happened in our conversation? I cannot hurt another person because of my empire of shit. I think about that paint smudge on the ceiling and her email telling me how it shook her, not his kind redirections. I keep silent.

After today’s session, I went back to thinking about what is soothing, gentle, kind, or safe about my body. What do I feel? The only touch I can think of that was deeply soothing was being held while I was falling asleep. The warmth on the back of my thighs and soft breath on the back of my neck. Being held is like an electric shock of warmth. If I wake up, all I had to do was feel that again and then move back to touch again and reassured, fall asleep. The power of that was almost addictive. I slept. I felt safe. That too was a false safe.

The only other warm safe feeling was hand milking goats or having a gentle conversation with one or a full body scritch for one of the young heifers or calves. Momma, Oona and Patience would also approach for this connection, and it was always when we both needed it. They reach in for touch as well and while I rest my head into their side, I hear their heartbeat and feel their breathing. I seem to pattern mine on them and there is reassurance in this warmth and touch. I lost that as well.

My dreams lately are them being upset because they are not with their companions. Goats have lifelong attachments to others, like humans do and they lied when they said I could see them again and tell them about the animals and their names, fears, treatments, and quirks.

I think it is hard to understand how animals can be a part of you. This connection is like an internal vibration. When it is missing in human connections, the loss of this connection is far more. It is so hard to articulate in any understandable language. They were a part of my physical vibration of life. A tangible intangible connection.  

The repeated shocks for the last 30+ years, have been gut wrenching. The knowledge that a simple touch that we all crave is beyond our control and often taken away so brutally. I sit with that a lot. I clearly have this strong will to live, but it is the isolating of me from those things that have always given me comfort was the ultimate plan.

Today, I asked for more answers and more tools. How do I fight back? I never knew how and keeping silent or avoiding the attacks only made everyone stronger as I was slowly dying. “I am here for you.” “I am present.” Am I supposed to hand you the sword? I thought I was supposed to learn to stand on my own. Ok. Figure this out myself. Thank you though, I apologize if I was dismissive. I just…

 I turned on some soft jazz with rain on this café jazz youtube channel. My daughter and I liked to work from coffee shops and jazz and a cloudy rainy day suited my foggy mind. I miss her an awful lot. I looked at some abstract art online. I searched for that feeling that you cannot talk about using words. Art is always a way for me to find that feeling I cannot write about. Music too, but art more.

I wrote down on a piece of paper “Fucking figure out how to meditate.” How the hell does someone meditate when that flips me into disassociation or a growing anxiety because I cannot feel or concentrate now? I think about that memory of causing trauma just by telling my story and how someone reacted to my experience.

I think a lot about how I just jumped into things and figured it out. The more complicated the more likely I would jump right in. I think about how I freeze when a simple task is challenging. I don’t warp into systems thinking anymore. Literally, that door is locked now. It was my superpower. I am terrified of not being able to figure things out. I am terrified of this brain fog and lack of concentration or ability to think. I cannot rattle off pedigrees and transfers of ownership, progeny, and coefficients of relationship like I used to. I just know the blue milk crate and the black USB labeled Kerry is my Kerry archive.

I finished a cup of coffee. I wrote this. I will take a hot and then a cold shower and get back to mundane work involving files and spreadsheets. Just keep trying? I would love ideas because aside from walking, doing routine livestock chores or driving, I don’t know how to replicate this in a sedentary way. I know it will not get any of my superpowers back, but everyone keeps telling me it is a tool that I can add to the toolkit to help my body and mind heal. I just do not know how to do it.

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  1. I don’t know if this will help you too, I can only say what helped me to learn meditate. I use guided meditation. The trick is to start with the shortest (1 or 2 minutes only). Than slowly increase time and listen to longer meditations. I use “Stop breathe think” app CPTSD Coach and Insight timer (the last is the worst for me when I can’t focus). I hope this will help somehow. Starting very slow is essential. Please let me know if shorter sessions help you with focus.

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