Book Review – What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma by Stephanie Foo

When you first get the diagnosis that you have cPTSD you wonder what to do with that knowledge. As you look on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, whatever social media platform, you are bombarded by lists of symptoms and lists of therapy programs. You are told you are difficult, complex, basically all the things you know and don’t tell everyone. You are left with the idea that it is a life sentence. It is hard to find a book that not only shows you how you got there, but then what the journey is like as you try to find answers and heal. That is exactly what this book does.

I got this as an audio book. I listened to it 4-times in the first two weeks I had it. With cognitive issues, it took a while to retain all of it. I also needed to hear it a few times to remind me that I was not alone in finding this journey and that it will get better. The bonus was her sharing her therapy with her therapist, Jacob Ham. I have shared this book with a number of people since. It is interesting to listen to everyone’s take on this, but the one thing that we all agreed is that sharing the google doc of therapy sessions to then group comment with your therapist is HUGE.

It is 7+ hours to listen to, but it is super helpful that Stephanie is a journalist and is used to her own voice. It goes quick and it is well researched. It takes a lot to be vulnerable and to share trauma, especially when it involves failures of people who were supposed to be there to protect us and do not.

I think you will enjoy it.