Online Farm Shop is Open Again

Sign in a window that says "yes, we are open"
We are Open

It took me a while, but I got the on-line version of this shop open again! For now, there are two categories of items, Creative Projects and Farm Equipment and Supplies. I’ll add more categories and items as I go along. Yes, Christmas is next week. I have a lot of original things for people that are hard to shop for. I bet they never knew they wanted or needed a dowel center!!!

Right, the on-line shop is up before Christmas. Unless you stop by before Christmas and pick the item up that you ordered, I cannot guarantee it will get there before the holiday!

I am learning to be patient about the rest. We will get there!

I will also add consistent (what?) shop hours. Note, I am not physically well consistently, but I do have family help and 20+-years of accumulated items (many redundant because various locations) to sell. I am working on 1-2 days a week for about 4-hours. I am thinking Monday, Wednesday for sure and then either Saturday or Sunday. I’ll let you know.

This is super chatty and not at all a marketing type blog. I am wicked tired after figuring out the quirks and issues with the WooCommerce system. Headache is real. Let me know if you find quirks with this site. I am learning how to do this with a brain that isn’t always 100%.


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