Long Term Antibiotics

fermented foods
Stock Photo of Fermented Foods

Thanks to chronic Q-Fever, I have to take Doxycycline for 2+ years. Also, Hydrochloroquine. Fun. I have alarms I set to let me know not to have dairy within 2-hours of taking these meds because absorption of doxycycline in the stomach and small intestine is reduced significantly if you do. Sweet. Cheese and cultured dairy products are primary food groups for me, but I have been trying to respect this.

Since I have been on these pills and not farming, I have lost muscle mass and have also gained a lot of I don’t know what this is. Water weight? I am also getting headaches again and just in general, I feel off. I am trying to do my PT daily and walking longer and more consistently, but it is not the same as hauling 5-gal pails of water, moving miles of temporary fence or bales of hay.

Infectious disease Dr. reminded me that many over the counter probiotics have dairy in them. I knew that. I reassured her I was familiar with fermented foods and what is and is not effective in pill form. I started out being rather good about my kvass, kombucha and kefir intake and I admit, my digestion was better. Something changed and I slowly stopped or was erratic.

Narrator voice: Don’t stop silly.

I have been pretty dysregulated mentally this week for various reasons and while trying to find something for a colleague of mine, I stumbled across my Sandor Katz bible on fermented foods. A healthy digestive system is like having healthy soil. You can’t expect to grow yourself if you aren’t eating well or right. I knew that when she first gave me those meds. I need to take care of my microbiome or I am not going to heal.

I went back into my store of neglected fermented foods and took an inventory of what I have, tossed out ones that started talking to me or looked like psychotrophs were a potential issue. I then noted the growing season and what we have for local veg so I can make some natural pickles and krauts. I texted a couple people for a kombucha scoby and kefir grains (sorry kefir that spoke of their displeasure that I neglected them).

To add to this blog, I will add a fermented foods category so that you can also explore what we have available locally or how to make them yourself. Microbiome stuff is actually rather interesting and may also be helpful and I can try to explain some of this. Cheesemaking was a very mindful activity and probably saved my life during a toxic marriage. Making fermented foods may help someone else on their journey, so I am glad to share my knowledge.