Holiday Themed, small original art


Holiday themed watercolor and ink original pieces. Small 5cm x 5cm on 140# cold press watercolor. I will pick unless you choose which one you want.

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**There are a number of these and I can always make more. It will be my choice. You pick number of them and in message say color or if you want a message in front (in my handwriting).**

Original artwork ink and watercolor painting done on 140# cold pressed watercolor paper.

Medium: Cotman (student grade) and Rembrandt watercolor paint, black Pigma 03 ink pen

Lightfast rating: Unknown

Size: 3.9″ x 3.9″ (5cm x 5cm)

Varnish: None, recommend Krylon Kamar clear matte non-yellowing

Comment: Watercolor daily sketchbook art done as physical therapy for vestibular and cognitive difficulties from Q-fever infection. These are perfect as gift labels or small individual art pieces. They are as they are. You need to consider matting or frame or lamination/varnish. If you want a message (in my handwriting using my best penmanship possible), let me know what you want it to say.