Tag: trauma recovery

  • Day 2 Ink & Watercolor

  • How the Fuck do You Meditate?

    No, seriously. Help me out here. Today was a hard therapy session. My mind was deeply in that blank space where I have no thoughts, feelings, and I cannot concentrate on any one thing. Listening was hard. I was there, sweating from the heat and humidity in my chair because it was rude to cancel […]

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  • Take Your Shoes Off

    As children, the instant they told us school was over for the summer, the shoes came off. If we had to go to church or to one of those places that say “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” we wore sandles. Rarely did socks and sneakers or those fancy church shoes with those horrid tights […]

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  • Finding My Voice (about fucking time)

    I find myself starting and deleting a lot of these posts. It is hardest to write when I have this cognitive blur. I am not always sure what started it and am tracking a lot of my physical and mental changes to see if I can find patterns to any of this. I do notice […]

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